Creating a new era
of IoT together

Founded in 2017, UCOT is committed to the
research and development of technological products based on the integration of blockchain, Internet of Things, big data and the physical economy.

  • 8

    international patents and copyrights

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    blockchain commercial products

Founded in 2017, UCOT is committed to the research and development of technological products based on the integration of blockchain, Internet of Things, big data, and the physical economy. It is an operator of anti-counterfeiting traceability solutions for industrial supply chains, helping enterprises complete the industrial interconnection, transformation, and upgrading of supply chains, and building a new generation of anti-counterfeiting traceability ecosystem.

UCOT has had outstanding technical advantages, with 8 international patents and copyrights. The blockchain developed by UCOT adopts the self-developed UBF consensus protocol, which has the advantages of high efficiency, high capacity, and high security. In terms of IoT, UCOT is the first to use 5G communication technology to build IoT devices that can be used directly on the chain and send signals independently and actively to realize the smart connection of all things.

UCOT has developed and completed six blockchain commercial products, which are the first in the world to be applied in the fields of smart agriculture, food traceability, medicine tracking, wine authentication, cold chain logistics, degree anti-counterfeiting, and asset tracking. It has successfully cooperated with China Anti-Counterfeiting Industry Association, Global Commodity Inspection, and China Inspection Group.


A stable and efficient
IoT blockchain

The blockchain developed by UCOT adopts the self-developed UxBFT consensus protocol, which has the advantages of high efficiency, high capacity and high security.

Hybrid architecture and
cross-chain protocols

Hybrid architectures support flexible business logic, and cross-chain protocols as well as the value movement between different blockchains.

Blockchain photos
are tamper-proof

Now photos are directly uploaded to the blockchain, and any modification to the image or photo information will be monitored, which can be widely used for photo access certificates, such as scenario monitoring of the production process, planting process and logistics and transportation process.

Blockchain upload/query
handhelddevices with APP

Different functions and permissions can be developed for the roles of suppliers, sellers and consumers, enabling fast uploading, tracking and querying of blockchain commodity information. The handheld device can be used in severe industrial environments, and the APP can be installed and used on ordinary smartphones.

5G communication and
narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology

After 5G finishes its comprehensive infrastructure building, the narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) featuring low energy consumption, low cost, wide coverage, and massive connectivity can realize automatic uploading of IoT information to the blockchain.

Internet of Things sensing
microchip prototype

The chip can be customized with various sensors such as light-sensitive, temperature, humidity, etc., embedded in the product packaging or livestock ear tags, etc., to achieve tracking and monitoring of information in different functional scenarios.

Product Advantages

UCOT solves supply chain pain points

Traditional supply chain pain points

Project intervention person management Relevant trust and high risk
Lack of standardization Standards and control measures do not meet regulatory requirements
Low flexibility Unable to quickly adapt to a variety of operating conditions, emergencies, operating costs remain high
Not fully traceable Unable to review product-related events and data

Advantages of UCOT's digital intelligent supply chain

Decentralization Support trusted, digital signature-based point-to-point interaction
Information cannot be tampered with Make the transaction time-stamped and tamper-proof, and provide a complete and unique data source
Smart contract Use smart contracts to track data continuously in real-time
Checkable function It can support a complete data inspection function and keep records permanently.

New retail: Strict and high selection standards, one-click start

big data + new retailing + new logistics = (the real perfect closed loop of the supply chain

UCOT utilizes the two technologies of "Internet of Things" and "Blockchain" to realize new retail of online border shopping and offline real sense services. In the UCOT tracking system, one item has its own code, and the goods GPS, temperature, opening time, selling time, and other accurate time are monitored at any time. The chain can reproduce each item and each consumer's purchase scenario and collect data.

The big data of the UCOT chain is big data-driven for new retail, providing information on discounts and direct purchase of goods of interest to consumers. With high standards and an easy operation system, UCOT simplifies the purchase decision while conducting accurate marketing to achieve mutual benefit and a win-win situation.

UCOT Partner Organization

The University of Technology Sydney, Australia China Business Council, Australian E-Commerce Association, Australian Beef and Lamb Industry Association (MLA), Sydney Fish Market, world industrial manufacturing giant Bosch (Bosch) and cross-border e-commerce Sixth Avenue and many other government departments and enterprises established Cooperation relationship, more business landing cooperation is still in rapid progress.